Sunday 7 December 2014

A Day on the Sea in Madeira

Hi everybody, I am back again with the story of a great day out during our trip to Madeira island in Portugal. This little island is in the middle of the Atlantic, a volcanic island with flowers, incredible green forests, levada channels to hike along, and great food too!  But I am digressing... This time I just want to tell you about our trip on the deck of the 1:1 copy of Santa Maria, the lead ship of Christopher Colombus, the discoverer of the New World, America. 

  To start, the ship is really fabulous - being on it really feels like you stepped back a few centuries. Of course you re not sailing, although I hear when the wind is right, it can do that too. The trip is along the coast of Madeira departing from Funchal, and last about 2 hours and another 2 hours back to the harbor. 


The crew is dressed up - students mostly I guess, but with a nice big parrot they really look like pirates, you may think it is cheesy, but kids of the right age do love it. Just try to forget about your self and enjoy...

  Among the promises is that you can see wildlife - do not go for this trip thinking of whale watching, it may not happen and you will be disappointed, just enjoy the ride... Having said that, we have seen a single dolphin around the boat, and it is always exciting, but it is not even close to the drama you can see with whales in Iceland for example...

The turning point (literally:-) of the trip is around Cabo Girao, the famous high platform viewpoint of Madeira... The ship was anchored here for a while, and those brave souls who had the guts to swim in May did their bit - there are always few males ready to show off themselves, this time 2 volunteers. 

The journey back was uneventful, but was sweetened with Madeira wine (good stuff) and some cakes (really good stuff). My 9-year old boy checked out the belly of the ship, where they had a little exhibition on the life of seamen back in the time.  

I spent the rest of the time trying to take some images on the coast from the boat - hoping for some unique point of view.  Nothing really phenomenal, some usable images for a travel blog:-) You judge:-)

Upon arrival back we had to farewell to the big parrot - it was worth to take the trip, a good and fun afternoon after all! 

Recommended, if you happen to be in Madeira! See you next time here on the photonphotography blog ! Cheers: Viktor


  1. Thank you for sharing Viktor!

  2. The Madeira Island has so many amazing places to visit.The post includes beautiful kinds of images covers the beauty of Madeira Island. Thank you for sharing images.

    1. Indeed, please feel free to check out my Madeira portfolio :


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