Wednesday 3 December 2014

Going Full Frame with the D750, Part II.

Hi everybody, I am back again with the second part of my previous blog entry about the new full frame Nikon D750.  This time I have taken it outdoors, eager to capture the first shots at the lake near my house. Unfortunately the weather was not the best, zero interesting light, dull, hence the pictures do not rock, and yet I was still satisfied with the results I have got. The D750 combined with the Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 lens gave some reasonable images, despite the dull weather.

First, I have just took a few shots to get used to the full frame lens :

Worked with auto ISO, letting the D750 decide the sensitivity, since I handheld the camera. This test of course was as much dependent on the lens, as on the camera. F8 gave really nice sharpness as expected.


The image above is with f2.8, to test the lens wide open, still sharp (you will not see it here,  I do not have the high resolution uploaded, you just have to trust me:-)

To show the kind of detail the camera is able to capture, take a look at the next 2 images, the second one is a 1:1 crop. 

Another test, to see how the 24 Megapixel let you crop reasonable images, even if it is only for the Web :

And the crop I have done from it:

 I like the full frame, high megapixel experience! I cannot wait to test it out in some great light.

Here are some more shots from that walk:

See you next time, thanks for reading!

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  1. Often we do not realize that the recording is HDR. This is especially the case when you take pictures with your smartphone you can edit them with


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