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"Mesmerized by everyday illusions, the light, the shadows and reflections, I love how new dimensions are constantly being created and disappearing in front of my eyes. I believe if I am lucky and keep my eyes open, I can get a glimpse of these miracles and I will also be able to capture them..." 

Viktor Lakics is a Hungarian-British amateur photographer chasing the light in all of its forms, landscapes, people portraits, architectural shots, nature images and macros.
He is a molecular biologist / neuroscientist by training and loves his day job, but he is also passionate about photography in his free time. Viktor has always been connected to photography, even in the film era, but he really "clicked" on it once he made the transition to digital. He only started to extensively publish his work on the net in 2011, and in 2013 he was one of the finalist in "The World Open" international photography competition with his image entitled "From the 80th Floor"

Viktor likes travelling and always strives to capture those well-photographed places from a different angle! 

Contact me at viktor@photonphotography.com !

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